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Tombo Configurator

For automatically deploying custom services when pushing to git services. Think of it like a self-hosted GitHub Actions service.


  • nodejs (LTS or latest version, idk)
  • git installed to your PATH


Inside a .tombo directory should reside a deployment.json file, which contains all the necessary setup for your deployment (hence the name).


	"deployments": { // Where the deployments live
		"build-and-deploy": { // Name of the deployment, can be anything
			"directory": "/mnt/files/software", // Where the software on your system lives
			"branches": [ // List of branches this deployment applies to
			"commands": [ // List of commands to run, in order
				"npm install",
				"npm run build",
				"npm start"


Utilises various git platforms' webhooks. When something is pushed, a POST request is made to the API. Assuming you have a valid deployment configuration file, it will be retrieved and passed to the queue for further processing.

JSON-RPC Queue Manager

After the configuration file has been validated, and the push event has been added to the queue, your repo will have git clone or git pull run on the server where tombo-configurator is hosted to grab the latest version of your code on the provided branch. It will run any commands within the directory specified in order to start your application.