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Tombo's Standard Library

Frequently re-used functions across various projects.


Whilst authenticated using the registry, install using:

npm i @tombofry/stdlib

Back and Forth


Instead of re-inventing the wheel every single time I start a new project, it would be nice not to have to worry about it, and just get on with what I'm familiar with.

If all your projects use the same code, why have multiple projects?

I don't like external dependencies, I don't want to rely on others' software over the internet, because we've seen malicious behaviour on npm before (admittedly, it was preventable, but the fact is that it hadn't been prevented until it was too late), so I want to write my own functions that don't have any of their own dependencies. Yes, that does mean I'm going to end up with dependencies of my own, but it'll all be a small internal network!

I may re-write this paragraph at some point, words are not my strong point past 10pm at night 😅


Because I wish to have as few dependencies as possible, I have listed them all below with a reason why they're important.

  • on-finished
    Used for express server logging, to ensure the request has completed before being able to determine the status code and duration the response took to calculate.
    Contains one sub-dependency which contains no dependencies of its own